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Halley Johnston Associates Ltd

deliver quality, evidence based, training mentoring coaching & consultancy in BEHAVIOUR CHANGE.


Our clients are organisations and individuals supporting others with condition prevention & management.

Health Care
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Mental Health
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Veterinary Care
Pastoral Care

HJA endorse the

Department of Health’s stance on health and

well-being for individuals, families and communities



Dental Surgery
What we do


We specialise in the Psychology of Communication and Behaviour Change.

Our Services


We work with Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, Social Enterprises and Private Practices for the effective engagement, retention, and improvement of individuals who wish to improve their health and wellbeing by providing evidence-based training in Motivational Interviewing for staff engaged in this work.

We work with Dental Practices for the effective engagement, retention and improvement of patients oral healthcare.

We also work with Veterinary Groups for the effective health management of small animals and Bovine/Equine animals.


In addition to  face to face training, coaching and supervision for skill development,  we also offer clients an online blended learning module for knowledge development.


We offer bespoke, tailored, training courses throughout the UK, Europe and the USA  working  with organisation's to find the right solution for their staff.


Our company ethos is to provide quality, evidence-based services to help practitioners provide the best support possible to their clients.

Our Focus

We focus our training in two linked areas: Behaviour Change and the Analysis of Communication.  Our philosophy is to make training applied, realistic, challenging, and yet safe.  

We combine an honest, open, and strength-based approach to delivery with highly qualified and experienced clinical staff.
Human Condition Prevention/Management
  • Diabetes & Obesity
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • COPD
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Oral Health
Animal Condition Prevention/Management
  • Obesity and Diabetes in small animals
  • Dental Hygiene in small animals
Want to talk about behaviour change?
Are you
  • A Commissioner, Manager or Practitioner with Public Health as part of your remit ?
  • Working within the NHS, Local Authority (Council), Private or Voluntary and Community Sector, and your remit is to design, deliver or implement interventions to help individuals to change their behaviour?
  • A vet who requires intervention work with  clients for medication adherence or dietary needs in small animals?
  • A dentist who requires intervention work with clients regarding oral health and life choices affecting dental care?
If you want to  encourage or support behaviour change in clients as part of    your role, and wish to work in partnership or require further information on the services, training or interventions we can help shape for your organisation  please     contact us for more information.
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“A fantastic course that has completely changed the way I conduct any form of consultation. A really powerful tool that has massively increased my confidence around interviewing.”

Fitness Suite Supervisor, Cheltenham