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Quality Improvement Lead of Training and Development 
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HJA Brief

Requirement for training in Motivational Interviewing / Behaviour Change to meet the CQUIN targets initially, but also to improve Patient Related Outcome Measures (PROMS) for patients undergoing elective hip and knee replacements

Participants:  32


Roles: Ward Manager, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Pharmacist, Healthcare Operatives and Receptionists.


Courses:  1 Day "Introduction to Motivational Interviewing" & 

1  Day "Nutritional Education of Patients - Using Motivational Interviewing Course"

Case Study 

What are your training needs?

"We got a better understanding and provision of skills and tools that can help patients to motivate themselves, to set their own goals to achieve the best outcomes after surgery."  

Quality Improvement Lead of Training & Development