Fitness & Wellbeing
Case Study 
HJA Client
Health Development Manager
Local Authority - Sports & Health Development
Mainly Individuals aged 20-70 & families looking to make some change relating to weight loss and/or activity levels. 50/50 Split between self referred and GP/nurse referrals. 


Following a recommendation from another Local Authority - To provide MI training to help develop a pathway that would take account of the motivations and experiences of the clients, assess their readiness to change and increase a disappointing 12% retention rate.  

Participants:  16 Delegates

Course:         A 3 day bespoke Introductory                       course with skill development                       training  

Discipline:     Local Authority Staff working                       with marginalised communities

What are your aims?

"The benefits of undertaking the training and working with HJA were innumerable. The training itself was excellent: well paced, relevant, and bespoke to our needs. The three day introduction acted as a real re-set point for the team, who began to question their ‘givens’ in terms of what could work best for clients, and also to re-evaluate their own day-to-day practice." 



Health Development Manager


"As a result of the training, their approach to their work and their clients was much more client-centrered, and this was evidenced by improved client satisfaction, and hugely increased retention rates at 80%.  The change process now moved at the pace of the individual client and on their own terms, rather than them being slotted into a 12 week programme and expected to just get on! The fact that we worked with clients before they began to take any kind of action meant that we were able work differently with those who were ready to change, and to help those who weren’t ready to discover that, and to work out why that might be, and what might change that readiness. 


In addition, we continued receiving coaching and mentoring in our newly aquired MI skills via the team at HJA. We undertook further hands-on skill development courses which really impacted in a positive way on both clinical practice and client outcomes."