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 Motivational Interview Courses Testimonials:

"A fantastic course that has completely changed the way I conduct any form of consultation. A really powerful tool that has massively increased my confidence around interviewing."  Fitness Suite Supervisor, Cheltenham, 2012

"Everybody who deals face to face with clients should do this. " Healthy Lifestyles Development Officer, Cotswold.

"Really enjoyed the course, found the information very powerful and useable in all parts of my job. Also learnt so much about myself and how to make some changes. It has been a long time since I learnt something new and enjoyed the whole delivery." Gym Manager, Gloucester.

"This is the most challenging and interesting training I have done in a long time! Lynne is an excellent trainer- experienced, considerate, knowledgeable and a good sense of humour!" Community Health Trainer Project Officer, Gloucester.

"Very challenging and interesting course. A lot of information to learn but all portrayed in a really good way"  Personal Trainer, Cheltenham.

"This was a brilliant course, it's inspired me to find out more about behaviour change psychology" NHS employee, Stockton upon Tees.

"I would like to do more MI training and improve my new skills through practise - a great course!" ( I can see how this could also help frontline staff when dealing initially with enquiries)" - Fitness Instructor, Greenwich Leisure Ltd.

The training was excellent; You created a very 'safe' learning environment where I felt it was okay to give things a go and screw up; think this was because the training was about the informal and flexible approach" - Service Manager, Gloucester.

"The practical stuff was very good; Training was excellent but seeing MI in action by a Pro was inspiring"Health Trainer, Stockton upon Tees.

 "I genuinely believe that we receive the best training in Motivational Interviewing there is available and we have every intention of continuing to work with Halley Johnston Associates Ltd for as long as we are able to". -  Corporate Health Manager, Greenwich Leisure Limited.

If you require any further information on  Motivational Interviewing, NVivo, Training, Consultancy or Supervision, Bespoke Packages or Stand Alone Courses please do not hesitate to contact us: 

                     E: enquiries@halleyjohnstonassociates.co.uk   

NVivo Courses Testimonials:

"A brilliant tool for managing Data - Lynne's knowledge of Methods & Methodology is a fantastic bonus" - Student, University of Stirling  2012

"This is going to make my Projects and Data so much  easier to handle" - Staff Member, Sheffield Hallam University.

Dr Johnston's knowledge of this software is outstanding, she makes it easy to understand, but more importantly how I can utilise it to help collect and understand data throughout my PhD" Student, University of Stirling 2012

"The explanations of principles underlying software functions with real life examples - extremely valuable! Student, Sheffield Hallum University.

"An excellent course but should be introduced during the first year of a PhD or in more detail at MSc level" - 2nd year student, University of Stirling.

"A thorough coverage of NVivo linking to theory - a really useful training course" - Student, Graduate School, University of Stirling.

"I found the workshop really really helpful, I feel far more confident that I did previously. An Excellent workshop" -  Psychology PhD Student, University of Stirling.

"Best bit of course was the balance of technical and making us think about the conceptual elements and how software can really be used" - Law, Business & Social Sciences Supervisor, University of Stirling.

"Lynne's technical knowledge is very very strong - an excellent day, probably the best training session I've ever attended (but quite demanding!) Thank you!" - PhD Supervisor, Sheffield Hallum University,