Halley Johnston Associates Limited

Our Services:

Halley Johnston Associates Limited (HJA) was established in 2007 by Dr Lynne Halley Johnston.  HJA offers training and consultancy services throughout the UK, Europe, and North America. Our services include:

Motivational Interviewing Training Coaching and Supervision: 

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a non-judgemental, empathetic and non-confrontational approach to communication that facilitates behaviour change. It puts the client at the heart  of the communication process and can be used in a variety of settings such as healthcare and fitness, probation, education and business.  We agree that behaviour change is most likely to occur and be sustained through a combination of population, community and individual-level interventions as discussed via the National Institute for Health and Clinical Guidance (NICE).

We provide evidence based training in MI for your staff, increasing their skill-base to enable them to communicate effectively with their clients or patients helping them to look at their own ambivalence, resistance, reasons, importance, confidence and readiness for change. 

If you are a Commissioner, Manager or Practitioner with Public Health as part of your remit, working within the NHS, Local Authority (Council), Private or Voluntary and Community Sector and your remit is to design, deliver or implement interventions to help individuals to change their behaviour, or who encourage or support behaviour change as part of your role, and wish to work in partnership or require further information on the services, training or interventions we can help shape, then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  

Our services and bespoke training programmes can help your commissioning group improve your Healthcare Outcomes, meet the NHS Outcomes Framework and Public Health Outcome Framework developed in conjunction with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) Coding::

Halley Johnston Associates Ltd can provide coding services to enable practitioners to receive ongoing supervision and coaching feedback to enhance their skill base.

Project Evaluation & Research:

Halley Johnston Associates Ltd can offer a range of services to support audits, evaluations, and applied research projects.  With previous experience of managing research and evaluations across the UK, we can offer consultancy and training in everything from Project Design, Data Collection, Transcription, Coding, Analysis, Report Writing and Dissemination


NVivo Analysis Software:
Nvivo is a Qualitative Data Analysis software package that helps people to manage, shape and analyse unstructured data. It is suitable for data which has been collected via a variety of approaches (e.g. interviews, focus groups & surveys) for a range of purposes (e.g. Research, Audit & Service Evaluation) and for data in multiple forms (e.g. text, audio, video & pictures).

NVivo enables the user to work with tools for classifying, sorting, linking, modelling and reporting data. NVivo provides more time to analyse data quickly and efficiently, identify themes, glean insight and develop meaningful conclusions. Whatever the materials, whatever the approach, whatever the field, NVivo provides help at every stage of the project.


 Testimonial - Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL)

We have been working with Halley Johnston Associates Ltd for the last 5 years and we do so because the quality of training is exceptional.  Lynne has been able to adapt the training to meet our complex needs and does so with enthusiasm and passion. 

We work in incredibly deprived areas across London with high levels of health inequalities and the training we have received over the years has empowered us to help individuals change not just their behaviour but their lives.

Each year that passes the training evolves and meets the ever changing environment that we work in, inspires staff in the behavioural change concept and continually develops to ensure that the best possible skill attainment is achieved. 

I genuinely believe that we receive the best training in Motivational Interviewing there is available and we have every intention of continuing to work with Halley Johnston Associates Ltd for as long as we are able to. 

Jamie Ross,Health Manager, Greenwich Leisure Limited


Please contact Halley Johnston Associates Ltd for any of the services listed above. We can also offer a bespoke service at reasonable costs to suit your needs, therefore please contact us directly with any additional training requirements.