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NVivo  is a Qualitative Data Analysis software package that helps people to manage, shape and analyse unstructured data. It is suitable for data which has been collected via a variety of approaches (e.g. interviews, focus groups & surveys) for a range of purposes (e.g. Research, Audit & Service Evaluation) and for data in multiple forms (e.g. text, audio, video & pictures).

Halley Johnston Associates Ltd has been delivering training courses in NVivo for over 15 years.  Dr Lynne Johnston first worked with NVivo's creator ( Lyn Richards) in the pre-NVivo days with the original software "NUD•IST" and has been working with the software in its current format since she was involved in Beta testing version 1 of the software.


Who can use NVivo?

Anyone working with Data. You might be a student, a researcher, a health care professional, a police officer or a manager of services. If you are analysing documents, surveys, audio, videos or pictures, then the chances are you're already involved in qualitative research.

 How can NVivo help you if you are a student?

From Undergraduate to Postgraduate, NVivo can help you manage, shape and analyse your data. 

 If your Research Data is large (e.g. analysis of social networking/tweets) or small (specific Focus groups) then NVivo can collate and mange the data. linking, sorting, coding and classifying. 

Nvivo is the Data Analysis tool which can help with your Literature Reviews, Project Design, Analysis and Reporting.

2012 -  A University of Stirling PhD Student said "A brilliant tool for managing Data - Lynne's knowledge of Methods & Methodology is a fantastic bonus"

 How can NVivo help your organisation if you are in Local Authority/Probation/Police/Justice Dept

Local Authorities/Probation Services/Police Forces are responsible for spending public funds, they are required to not only demonstrate value for money but have to record how the funds are spent and what impact it has on their community.  

NVivo can save time and resources analysing data and producing reports of a delivered project or service enabling Local Authorities to provide evidence to their stakeholders and purseholders. NVivo can help identify themes and pull out key discussions in a wide range of documents such as witness statements reducing manpower time to research such information.

 How can NVivo help your business?

From the evaluation of services to examining customer feedback forms, analysing staff surveys, monitoring tweets and social networking, or reviewing video footage then Nvivo can help work through your data and arrive at decisions and actions quickly.

NVivo enables the user to work with tools for classifying, sorting, linking, modelling and reporting data. NVivo provides more time to analyse data quickly and efficiently, identify themes, glean insight and develop meaningful conclusions.

Whatever the materials, whatever the approach, whatever the field, NVivo provides help at every stage.


We offer the following Courses:

  • Introductory Course
  • Skill Development Course (Advanced)
  • Ongoing Support
  • Bespoke Courses tailored to the organisation/university's needs

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If you are a University who wishes to commission a bespoke course for your own students at your specific venue and wish to work in partnership with Halley Johnston Associates Ltd please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.